Teaching Experience

Coach, Chamber Music for Fun, Blue Lake, MI 2003-present
Coach, Chamber Music Workshop, Kalamazoo, MI 2003-present
Orchestra conductor, teacher, coach, Suzuki Academy of Kalamazoo 2003-2005
Music Appreciation, Grand Valley State University 2004
Music History and Theory, Music of World Cultures, American Music, composition, cello, departmental service, Kalamazoo College 2001-2003
Musicianship IV, V, VI, DePaul University 1998-2000
Composition, DePaul University 1999-2000
Music Theory III-IV, McHenry County College 1993-97
Music Theory III-IV, Elmhurst College 1995
Fundamentals of Music, McHenry County College 1996-2001
Music in Western Civilization, Elmhurst College 1996
Enjoyment of Music, DePaul University 1994-98
Music Appreciation, McHenry County College 1994, 96-2000
Introduction to Music Literature instructor, Concordia University 1992-93
Music History I-II, McHenry County College ’93-94,96-2001
Music History I, Elmhurst College 1995
Baroque and Classic History, Concordia University 1992-93
19th- and 20th-Century Music History, Trinity Christian College 1993
Acoustics, Columbia College, Chicago 1992-1996
Basic Mathematics, Columbia College 1994-95
Classroom assistant for Materials and Design, University of Chicago 1992
Keyboard harmony and ear-training lab, University of Chicago 1991-92
Classroom teaching assistant for electronic and computer music, freshman and sophomore theory, and music history, Northern Illinois University 1983-85
Design and building of analog synthesizer module and theory teaching aids 1984-85
Private teaching of cello to students of all levels and ages 1978 to present
Taught for 8 years at Elgin Suzuki Talent Education, and McHenry County Youth Orchestras-Community Arts Center  
Cello Consultant, McHenry County Youth Orchestras 1994-2001
Cello teacher for music education majors, Northern Illinois University 1983
Cello teacher for Oberlin College students 1979-82
Calculus tutor and computer program grader, Oberlin College 1979-81